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Primal Strength
Part 1
Sara Eva stood on the balcony of the compounds' lookout tower. Beyond her stretched a primordial forest, fern trees as tall as oaks and pines back home in Virginia. She couldn't see them but she could here the calls of the titanosaurs out in the plains beyond the forest. Their songs were beautiful almost like a whales, but more baritone and somber. She finally made it, she got a job working with the research team at the Caldera, the near legendary island discovered nestled in the Pacific Ring of Fire just two years ago. She didn't think she would get the job, in fact getting jobs were hard these days, especially for a transsexual like herself. Even though trans politics were improving in the states, life in the "south" was still a pain. Then she got a job offer from Complex, the corporation funding the research team on Caldera in her email. They need someone willing to help collect field samples and record videos both in the labs and out in the wild.
Dangerous or no she needed t
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Orim Star
Dwarves are a short but stocky race of miners and blacksmiths from the Iron Mountains in the frozen north.  They live in cities surrounded by their mines and are famous for their crafting skills and their hording of ores and precious gems and metals.  Dwarves typically have red, blonde or black hair and males always have thick bushy beards.
Elves are a svelte and agile race of archers and druids from the Eldwood forest in the east.  Their cities are grown from the roots, boughs and branches of trees and they protect the Elder Tree at the center of their forest at all cost.  They are famed fro their archery skills and connection to nature.  Elves have long, pointed ears and either blonde, black or brown hair.
Humans are the most common race in all of Orim and the most varied in culture and skill.  They can be short, tall, thin, fat or muscular and can have red, blonde, brown, black, grey or white hair.  There are three major human
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935396 10200693448851945 736965429 N by Raygathex 935396 10200693448851945 736965429 N :iconraygathex:Raygathex 0 0 Scarn Soldier by Raygathex Scarn Soldier :iconraygathex:Raygathex 1 0 Badass Rebel Babe by Raygathex Badass Rebel Babe :iconraygathex:Raygathex 3 5 HB-144 Stratobomber by Raygathex HB-144 Stratobomber :iconraygathex:Raygathex 0 0
Raygathex, Eternal Warrior
Scarn.  The name of my people.  We are a proud race.  A race of honor and power.  Our history is… long and complicated.  For thousands of generations we have fought the things that lurk in the dark corners of the galaxy.  My people warship a pantheon of deities known as the Ancients.  These are not like the gods of the other races.  No ours are born of truth for we have witnessed them.  They visit us and provide help when in dire need.  We understand that they did not create the universe and they do not ask such a price of us.  However, four-thousand years ago one of the Ancients, Scorge, the deity in charge of the passage of lost should to their rightful place in the universe, desired more power than his position in the pantheon offered.
He wanted true power.  The power to control the forces of the living and the dead.  His very essence became
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F-97a Arch Angel by Raygathex F-97a Arch Angel :iconraygathex:Raygathex 1 14 UCAF AC F-66 Arrowhead by Raygathex UCAF AC F-66 Arrowhead :iconraygathex:Raygathex 0 0 UCSF: Volcano Class Battleship by Raygathex UCSF: Volcano Class Battleship :iconraygathex:Raygathex 2 5
Assault on Zenith part 1
The air lock doors hissed and slid open revealing the hull of the research barge, Zenith.  Eight marines and four Force Rangers filed out to surround the opening to the space stations outer emergency airlock door.  The marines held their rifles in posion while the rangers used plasma torches to cut open the the sealed passageway.  While the doors were being forced open, Corperal Adams checked his ContolCom and began the warm up program for the senty drone.  The heavily built robot stood up from its squatted resting position with a whirring sound and and took two heavy steps forward.
This was the enigeers first combat mission and he wanted to make sure every system would be in order.  He slung his combat shotgun with its underslung 40mm grenade launcher into its sheath on the back of his field armor.  The grenades on his bandolier rattled as he walked behind the half ton peice of hardware and linked his forearm mounted computer
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Fury's Rage
            The giant ape pounded its fist on the ground as an agressive display at its enormous opponent.  Each blow crushed concrete, shattered glass and caused nearby cars to be thrown like toys.  Fury's agressor, Gargantus, stood his ground.  The massive reptilian monster arched his back causing his clusters of quills spread out in an impressive display of barbed scales.  He hissed a warning to the dark red gorrilla that could be heard for several blocks.  Fury, in response, reared back and beat its chest and howled at the sky.
             The two kaiju had had enough, both roared in anger and charged.  Gargantuses feet smashed concrete to gravel as it charged through the city.  His weight and momentum carried him through a highway offramp as though it were timber.  Fury charged
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UCAF Space Vessels by Raygathex UCAF Space Vessels :iconraygathex:Raygathex 0 0 My Eternal LARPing Partner by Raygathex My Eternal LARPing Partner :iconraygathex:Raygathex 1 3
Martial Arts
Martial Arts (Brawling):
You bring on the hurt with a brutal can of whup-ass against your enemies.  For each level of Brawling you buy you earn 2 Punches and 1 Block Punch.  Each Punch drains 1 point of Will until the target runs out and goes unconscious.  Calling “Block” for your Block Punch skill negates a Punch from hitting you.  You earn more of these skills at every level until you cap out at level 5.
-Hook Punch:
You bring in a punch from the side and clock your opponent in the head, knocking him silly.  When using this skill, hit your opponent in the chest or shoulders and call “Stun!”  The target is then stunned for the standard 5 seconds.  This skill can be bought 3 times and can be used once per level per reset.
Prerequisite:  Level 2 Martial Arts (Brawling)
-Head Butt:
You decide your own skull is better suited than your fist in this fight and bash in your opponents face with
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Giant Moth by Raygathex Giant Moth :iconraygathex:Raygathex 2 5


Godzilla Rising. by chrisscalf Godzilla Rising. :iconchrisscalf:chrisscalf 138 11 MIRANDA $100 REWARD TURNTABLE HD VIDEO by B9TRIBECA
Mature content
Live by it, die by it by Erismanor
Mature content
Live by it, die by it :iconerismanor:Erismanor 22 13
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Desert Dragon
The Desert Dragon is the top predator of the Neozoic Badlands.  It is a massive Pseudosaur with a powerful bite.  It can even kill younger Toratons and Spiked Grazers.  Its decedents are the Collared Lizard.
Swamp Devil
Yet another Neozoic beast, a Pseudosaur commonly called a Swamp Devil.  It uses its long tongue to snatch giant insects to eat.  It is descended from chameleons.
Spineback Grazer
While its sharp protruding teeth would make you think its a predator its actually an herbivore, using its spade shaped front teeth to cut vegetation and it rear molars to grind it up.  It lives in tropical swamps and rain forests alongside other pseudosaurs like the upcoming Jungle Dragon and Swamp Devil.
Spiked Grazer
New Pseudosaur, like the last one i posted its evolved over time from an animal we know on Earth today, a species of rock iguana known as the Rhinoceros Iguana.  I like stegosaurs, they tend to get overshadowed these days with more interesting species so I gave it a heavier head and a kentrosaur like arrangement of spikes and plates.  I also added twin nasal horns cause they look cool.  They live in the same terrain as Toratons and eat lower growing cacti fruit and tough scrub brush.
Toraton test
I've had this really cool idea bouncing around my head of animals and plants evolving after mankind has died out into pseudo Mesozoic forms.  Maybe some day i'll make something bigger than that but for now this is the Toraton, a sauropod mimic evolved from tortoise stock.  I was inspired from the look of Galapagos Tortoises with their long necks and bulky bodies and thought what if they kept getting bigger and bigger till they matched sauropods in size.  I figured they'd loose their shell down to just osteoderms like some titanosaurs had but I kept the beaked face and had the idea of them eating giant cactus trees as tall or taller than them out in a Neozoic desert, in the North American west.


James John Conlon
United States
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Personal Quote: bleah

Doing a test of paleontological knowledge amongst my friends.  Which of these can you identify by name without looking them up?












Canis Dirus/Dire Wolf



Coelodonta/Woolly Rhinoceros




















Mammuthus/Woolly Mammoth

Megaloceros/Irish Elk



Megatherium/Giant Ground Sloth













Smilodon/Sabertooth Cat






Tyrannosaurus rex

Ursus Spelaeus/Cave Bear



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